SCA Certified Trainings.

Barista Studio is certified by the Specialty Coffee Association (SCA). We offer the following trainings, and you can enroll at three different levels: Foundation, Intermediate, and Professional. The groups are small, and you’ll be taught by a real professional. And always tailored to your preferences; you decide where and when you want to attend the training. Of course, you are always welcome in our studio in Schiedam.

Introduction to Coffee

We take you on a journey through the world of coffee, exploring its history, and diving deep into taste and experience.


Brewing is an insightful training that delves into the origin of coffee beans and explores flavor development through different brewing methods.

Hospitality Trainings

In addition to our certified training sessions, we also provide on-location training.


Whether you aspire to become a barista or already own an espresso machine at home, our Barista training is an excellent addition. Learn all the tricks of the trade.


Embark on a Sensory training focused on recognizing taste and aromas, enhancing your sensory coffee experience.

Home Barista

Discover how to extract the perfect espresso or craft delightful cappuccinos with your own machine.


For more details and rates of our SCA trainings, check here. You’ll find extensive information about different training options and associated costs.

More about SCA

The training levels are categorized as Foundation, Intermediate, and Professional. Foundation is the starting point for those with no experience. If you’ve been working in hospitality for a while, or have experience as a barista or with a coffee machine, you can enter at Intermediate with a Foundation certificate. Professional is designed for those working as a barista for over a year with an Intermediate certificate.

Each training concludes with a practical and theory exam. Passing both exams awards you an SCA certificate.

Introduction to Coffee is a foundational course with more theory than practice, focusing on coffee facts and its surrounding world. This course involves only a theory exam, also resulting in a certificate.

For all SCA courses, you earn points: Foundation 5 points, Intermediate 10 points, Professional 25 points. Completing all courses (Barista, Brewing, Sensory, Green Coffee, Roastery) earns you an SCA Coffee Diploma.

Maximize your staff’s potential!
Opt for tailored hospitality training.

Unleash the potential of your staff with our exclusive hospitality training! Specifically designed for professionals in the hospitality industry, we offer personalized sessions in small groups of up to 5 people. No worries if you have a larger group; we effortlessly customize our training to meet all your needs. Discover the secrets of successful teamwork and elevate the quality of your service. Contact us today and equip your team with the skills they need to shine!

Refine your barista skills, enhance workflow, and focus on hygiene.

The rates for this training are €260.00 per person.
(Ex. VAT and transportation costs)

  • Workflow
  • Hygiene
  • Staff Training
  • Ensuring Coffee Quality

Check out our workshop offerings too.

Too busy during the week? No problem. There’s a weekend training every week on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday at various times.

Join us and sign up now!

Every other Friday evening, there’s a cocktail workshop (7:00 PM to 9:00 PM).
Also great for a group of friends!



Cocktails make every experience better. Our mixology training teaches you the basics while also giving you the creative freedom to invent your own never-seen-before cocktail combinations. Learn the art of bartending and refining cocktail recipes at Baristastudio Schiedam.

Happy Future Baristas

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